Triangle Recycling Pricing and hard drive destruction services

Triangle Recycing Electronic Recycling Center
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Electronic Recycling

Local Truck Pick-Up Rate$50
Local Van Pick-up$20
Out of Town Pick-UpRates Vary
Monthly Storage$2 per sqft.
AuditingRated per Job
De-InstallsRated Per Job
CRT Monitors$5 each
Dumb Terminals$5 each
Copiers$5 each
Hard Drive DestructionSee Below
DOD Wipe,$3 each (Based on Quantity)

  • Source of Destruction: Shredding or Upon Request DOD Wipe
  • A Certificate of Destruction provided with destroyed material
No. of Units     Cost per unit
0 - 25 ... $5.00
26 - 50 ... $4.00
51 - 100... $3.00
101 - 250... $2.00
Over 251... CALL
Other Media... $0.35
  • Add $1.00 to each Hard Drive if not hot swap or casing.
  • Add $2.50 to each Hard Drive if Triangle Recycling removes from CPU
  • Add $25.00 for Digital Recording of destruction.
  • Digital Photos provided free upon request.
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